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I come from the tiny cluster of British-territorial islands known as Bermuda. Growing up with two athletic older brothers, it was inevitable that I would become a well-rounded athlete myself, snatching up prizes in track & field, cross country running, basketball, Taekwondo and even Iaido. Before dabbling in hip hop classes in university in Canada, I had no experience with formal dance classes. I quit ballet at five years old complaining that I wanted to do Karate instead. A classmate actually brought me to a salsa social on campus in 2001, but, not having a clue what I was doing, had one dance and left the club. In 2005 I uncovered my passion for salsa from my tennis instructor, Steve, who thought my agility would also serve me well on the dance floor. He recommended I try his class (Steve was coincidentally was one of the island's top instructors at the time), and from that day forward, it was love at first step!


Six months into classes, I had my first show with the school's pro team, and first international show three months later, as well as teaching my own classes. I taught Salsa, Bachata, Casino de Rueda, Latin Hustle, Beginner Argentine Tango and Ladies’ Styling & Shines, as well choreography for performance teams in Bermuda for ten years. I also managed the operations of Sabor Dance School and Salsa Friends (Latin dance schools) and SalsaMania Productions (the island's only Latin entertainment company). I won third and first place in consecutive years of Bermuda So You Think You Can Dance, and won a silver medal in a Jack & Jill Salsa Competition in Orlando, Florida. My classes are technically sound but also full of giggles, random jokes and weird analogies.


My coworkers and students gave me the name "Salsa Goddess" and it stuck - so I started a blog which lives here. I also loves to play with fire – quite literally. I was a fire performer for five years with Rockfire Productions Bermuda, and hopes to continue on in London.


I relocated from Bermuda to London in December 2015 in search of an around-the-clock salsa community in which to grow as a dancer and teacher. I dedicated most of my dance life in Bermuda to teaching and coaching others; but after hitting the proverbial "wall", I realised that in order to grow further and reap the benefits of the international Salsa scene, I needed to find a much larger fishbowl to swim in, and a training partner to swim with. My first choice was London, due its easy access to Europe's many salsa festivals and congresses. There, the opportunities came my way almost immediately, and I was picked up by two of London's largest Latin dance schools and my dreams of an international dance life are slowly coming to fruition...


...because Salsa-proof clothing is a must

Dance Shoes

My preferred tools of the trade

Places to Dance

My favourite Places to shake a leg around London


All levels of Bachata Moderna

Cha Cha

All levels - Fun, funky and expressive Cha Cha and Boogaloo

Salsa On1 & On2

All levels - Including those transitioning from On1 to On2

NY Latin Hustle

All levels - Discover this smooth Disco-Salsa fusion with origins in New York City

Lead & Follow Technique

All levels - Discover ways to make leading and following smooth, clear and effective

Ladies' Spins/Styling/Shines

All levels - Flirty, sassy, smooth, whatever your style, let's bring it out..


Music is the root of our art, so let's get to the good stuff!


Beauty ideas that make life on the dancefloor a little more pretty

Wedding Dance Choreography

All levels - Surprise your guests (and yourself) with a quick & easy first dance choreography


Let experienced performers liven up your event with a fun class, animations and shows

Bespoke  Classes/Workshops

Get in touch to create something unique for you, your friends or colleagues

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